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It’s time to discover a new generation of scent

Spray nanoScent® on any textile surface now and activate the scent when you need it, with a single touch! Our perfume is made using nanocapsules that contain fragrance. When sprayed, these tiny particles stick to the surfaces. Then when you touch it, the capsules break and disperse the perfume in the air. You are the only one controlling when to "release" the scent. The fragrance lasts at least 13 times longer than any regular spray.

nanoScent® has the most pleasant, softest rinsing scents which particularly formulized to revoke the freshness and purity.

the ultimate

long lasting


Once applied to the surface, nanoScent® does not evaporate by itself unless the surface has been touched (activated). For example, you walk over nanoScent® sprayed carpet a year from the application. It will still work and smell beautiful the same as the day you treated the carpet. The fragrance lasts depending on the frequency of people's touch (activation) and the amount applied.



nanoScent® saves money compared to traditional, short-lasting scent room fresheners, candles, or diffusers. The sample consumption chart calculated by professionals shows that nanoScent® lasts at least 13x times longer than any other traditional freshener.



The product has a wide application, from any vehicle’s seats like cars, taxis, hotel buses, public transportation to any textile surfaces like carpets, curtains, lounge and room seating sofas, room beddings, towels, robes, slippers in any business industry such as hotel, tourism, municipality, health industries



Patent Pending Technology. nanoScent® is an innovative perfume & odor neutralizer used for various textiles and spaces. It is an emulsion of nanocapsules containing fragrance. Nanocapsules break during the physical contact and only then release a beautiful scent. A Nano layer of fragrance does not evaporate unless you touch it and activate it.